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Ensures protection from harmful invisible microorganisms at maximum level and helps to prevent the reproduction of microorganisms. While it is easily applied in all fabrics, it does not affect the performance values of the fabrics.
Plastic bottles, dissolving in nature in 1000 years, are collected through the recycling process and converted into yarn, fabric, sofa and decorative cushions. As well as the elegance brought to the homes, when you buy a sofa made of recycled fabric, you save about 500 pet bottles from being thrown into the nature.
You and your family are safe thanks to the Weavers Re-Mask mask and fabric, which helps to protect from external factors with its washable and high filtration features.
Pet Friendly
We have developed pet-friendly upholstery fabric so that nothing gets in between you and your pets. Weavers Pet Friendly fabrics help remove allergens arising from pets.
About Us

About Us

We weave inspiration.

Weavers Textile is an investment in the textile sector of Erciyes Anadolu Holding which ranks among the largest group of companies in Turkey with approximately 15,000 employees operating in many fields such as furniture, energy, aviation and transportation and is also among the largest producers of the world with its integrated facility in the product group of upholstery and drapery fabric

Our Products

Harmonious colors durable fabrics

Upholstery and Drapery Fabrics

Velvet Fabric

Outdoor Fabrics

Coverlet and Bedspread Fabrics

Chenille Carpet

Knitted Fabrics

Sustainable Fabrics

Re-MASK (Mask Fabric)

Upholstery and Drapery FabricsVelvet FabricOutdoor FabricsCoverlet and Bedspread FabricsChenille CarpetKnitted FabricsSustainable FabricsRe-MASK (Mask Fabric)
Innovative Products

Innovative Products

How had we achieved to touch people'slives through our textile products ...

We have always focused on producing better quality in the upholstery fabric sector we serve. We had to offer a benefit, not just a product. We changed our perception of the world from the very beginning with our approach in this direction.


We are aware of our
responsibility towards society

Weavers is an upholstery fabric producer with Oeko-Tex 100 Standard certificate, developed to satisfy the requirement for healthy textile products that are free of substances harmful to human health and considered as an authority in the textile industry. With our Oeko-Tex certified fabrics, we attach importance to the future of the world and human health and support our sustainable production philosophy.


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Fairs and Events

We are with you in
every moment of life

We are with you in fairs and expositions organized all over the world ...

London Fabric Show

February 2022


11-14 January 2022


22-26 November 2021

Evteks Exposition

Istanbul - Turkey

20-24 September 2021


7-9 September 2021

Intertextile Shanghai Home Textile

1-5 August 2021

ITA Showtime

16-19 May 2021

Evteks Exposition

Istanbul - Turkey

23-27 April 2019


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