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Innovative Fabrics

Real relaxation with magnetic theraphy effect

Thanks to Weavers Magnarest fabrics, which magnetic therapy effect meets comfort, problems arising from the lack of magnetic field are reduced.

Your living space is more comfortable now by the impressive MAGNETIC THERAPHY of Magnerest Upholstery Fabric.

The presence of the magnetic field that surrounds us in space, just like gravity, is a proven scientific fact. The fact that the compasses do not point in the same direction in different places is merely one of the proofs of existence of this magnetic field that ranges all the way from the earth to the sky. All living or non-living beings have their own magnetic fields and everything is under the influence of this magnetic field called the “Magnetosphere”. However, the effect of this magnetic field is diminishing.

It is possible to be less affected by lack of magnetic field with Magnerest upholstery fabric developed by “Weavers” in order to reduce the negative effects of magnetic field deficiency.


True Relaxing with Magnetic Therapy

The magnetic field in the human body comes from the movement of bioelectric charges. Human beings, aside from their own magnetic fields, are naturally under the influence of the magnetic field, and the magnetic field of the human body moves in harmony. This harmony can break down due to various reasons. Many scientific studies have been conducted for what is referred to as the “Magnetic Field Deficiency”.

One of the most renowned researches in this field is the study conducted by the Japanese physician Prof. Dr. Nakagawa’s* work conducted on more than 10,000 patients. Nakagawa’s studies have concluded that many problems that arise are caused mainly by the weakening state of the magnetic field surrounding the human organism.

Linus C. Pauling **, an American who has twice won the Nobel Prize, has proven that the iron-containing hemoglobin in our blood has magnetic properties. As such, the blood circulation rate increases as a result of the magnetic field effects. Thus, more oxygen and nutrient transport is provided to cell structures.

The most important thing for body health is good blood circulation. Nutrients, oxygen, vitamins and enzymes need to be transported quickly and sufficiently to stay more healthy. The effect of magnetism activates metabolism and supports body circulation positively. Magnerest upholstery fabric developed by Weavers to support more regular and faster body circulation, helps to rise the energy level throughout the day with the magnetic field it creates.


How Does Magnerest Work?

Regular body circulation is an indispensable factor for a healthy life. The Magnerest upholstery fabric creates a magnetic field on the fabric surface thanks to the special formulation contains in its structure. The magnetic field created by the Magnerest passes through the tissues in waves and allows the body’s circulation to be faster and more organized. The Magnerest supports blood circulation, so that the body cells are fed with more oxygen. So the body energy is balanced. Improvement of blood circulation increases overall body health.



Rational Solution That Make Life Easier

Weavers' innovative products add a new perspective and value to upholstery fabric. Weavers' innovative products offer solutions that make life easier.

Provides Magnetic Therapy

Helps blood circulation with the effect of magnetic field.

Supports body health

Helps body relaxation

Provides regeneration and vitality along with relaxation.

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All the colors of life at Weavers!


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Weavers adds value to your life with its innovative product features. Weavers takes living spaces beyond comfort with products that are environmentally friendly, respectful to people and nature, reliable and harmless to health.








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