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Coverlet and Bedspread Fabrics

Coverlet and Bedspread FabricsCoverlet and Bedspread Fabrics
Coverlet and Bedspread Fabrics

Collection, bringing elegance to bedrooms

Weavers coverlet and bedspread fabrics enables coolness in summer and spring months and adds elegance to bedrooms due to the natural textures of coverlet and bedspreads which are among the most popular home textile products. Fabrics, which can be produced tailor made based on the requirements with their special colors and designs, change the ambiance of your room by matching with the duvet cover sets.

Weavers can produce coverlet and bedspread fabrics in the desired pattern width through the jumbo jacquard machine technology. The coverlet and bedspread fabrics, satisfying the requirements of consumers, bring elegance and modernity to bedrooms by means of its easy-to-use and washable features.

Weavers can provide fast service to its customers in this product category in contract hotel projects.


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