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Social Responsibility

Our Social Responsibility Policy

As Weavers Textile We act with the awareness of responsibility and continuous improvement towards society, nature and our stakeholders by satisfying the requirements of existing laws and regulations as well as adhering to the Environmental, Health and Occupational Safety Requirements, all legal regulations and SA 8000 standards.

To create working environments away from hazards, where products and services are produced safely, and to ensure that our employees are protected against accidents and risks, to prevent occupational diseases that may arise from our working environment, to eliminate all kinds of discrimination in recruitment, wage, dismissal, disciplinary practices, not to employ child labor, to respect the right of all personnel to organize, to act with a sense of responsibility by taking into account the minimum subsistence level requirements of employees in determining wages, to respect the beliefs and ideas of all our employees and to ensure the necessary conditions and to provide a working environment free from all kinds of pressure, to take the necessary precautions by providing appropriate working environments for employees with special health conditions (pregnancy, breastfeeding women, those with discomfort, etc.), to make the necessary changes and to monitor the situation of such employees specifically, to consider the social responsibility standards in supplier selection by informing the suppliers within the scope of SA 8000, to inspect the suppliers regularly and to supporting them to increase their performance recorded within the scope of social responsibility, To ensure the prevention of pollution by adopting the principle of commitment to protecting the natural environment in all our operations and to increase efficiency by eliminating waste through the control of the use of natural resources, To work continuously to reduce the use of natural resources, To develop projects to reduce energy use by monitoring energy use for every situation and process, to increase productivity by researching alternative sources, to increase the employee satisfaction and continuous improvement in recorded performances, To support non-governmental organizations by providing material and moral support to projects such as tree planting, school construction, hospital construction and their furnishing within the framework of our responsibility to society, to contribute to education primarily by considering the requirements of the relatives of our employees and by providing scholarships to those who require financial support, to provide financial and moral support for the health problems of our employees and their first degree relatives, to provide the necessary financial and moral support by collaborating with universities, to contribute to the development of students is our duty towards society, nature and our stakeholders.


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