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Softness of velvets

Trend of all time, Velvet! No matter what style you are looking for, velvet will be a perfect match for your sofas and armchairs. Velvets are the sign of elegance and classiness. With the soft textures, they offer you a charm and noble ambiance. With the mix of softness and depth, velvet has the ability to make pattern and color like no other material. By the purity of these collections, your room can seem bigger than it is. Velvets give different aspects and authentic air to your living spaces. They can be a classic choice to decorate your home, but also these fabrics can be used in a modern way with the effect of patterns. For designing your home, Weavers’ uncommon range of velvets are ideal to start with.

<span class="c-title--primary">Softness</span> of velvets<span class="c-title--primary">Softness</span> of velvets
<span class="c-title--primary">Softness</span> of velvets
<span class="c-title--primary">Softness</span> of velvets
<span class="c-title--primary">Unity of peace </span> and tranquility<span class="c-title--primary">Unity of peace </span> and tranquility

Unity of peace and tranquility

Aegean Teal is the blend of blue and the green will add peace to homes. When those colors become together, they give a softened elegance to your home. It makes bridging the gap between warm and cold shades. The harmony of peaceful colors inspires you to make a great change in your decorations. These types of beautiful colors can be used in variety of comfortable, casual and rounded rooms. Blue is the color sky and the green is the color of nature. When they combine, repose comes itself. If you're planning to redecorate your home in 2021, it might be a good time for thinking about using colors that reflects wellbeing, peace and tranquility to create a sense of balance at your environments.

Indigenous wisdom

Witness to a magic of nature at your home. Rediscover the primitive heritage in a modern way. When natural resources are used in a modern way for a decoration; they can be seen as more continual. By the improvement of sustainable paths; alternative textile sources are starting to use much more. With the resilient form of hemp, jute, linen and sisal sources; they have been used for a long time. If you want to make an insulation at your home these types of materials can be used easily. Aesthetic and long-lived fabrics are inspired by the magnificence of nature. We are working to produce resolute fabrics with our team of experts who know the materials in nature well.

<span class="c-title--primary">Indigenous</span> wisdom<span class="c-title--primary">Indigenous</span> wisdom
<span class="c-title--primary">Indigenous</span> wisdom
<span class="c-title--primary">Indigenous</span> wisdom
<span class="c-title--primary">Dynamic </span>satisfaction<span class="c-title--primary">Dynamic </span>satisfaction

Dynamic satisfaction

Changing the appearance in seconds is pretty easy. By using colorful and trendy fabrics, you can change your mood and ambiance into a youthful and dynamic world. Weavers will inspire you with colorful fabrics. Colored linen is increasingly being used for interior upholstery. It gives a fresh, comfortable look and it is especially beautiful in the summer. The colorful fabrics have a calm appearance, which makes prints and wild color combinations come into their own. At the same time, in this age of self- expression, friendly color palette of recognized favorites uses the familiar to take some unique twists and turns highlighting elements of humor, modernity and entertainment. By using multi-color designs on your ambiance, you can show the environment more energetic. Do not miss to browse our colorful fabrics.

Nobility of theethnic elegance

One of the most fascinating way of bringing a bit of ethnic elegancy to your interior is combining the warmer tones of cushions and the ethnic upholstery fabrics together. These types of fabrics can be figurative as human or animal elements and a lot of historic figures. Their engagement with artisans, aesthetic impact with the ancient motifs, patterns and colors for contemporary design is a unique sense. The ornamental features of this fabric pattern bring a rich and chic touch to accentuate classic furniture pieces.

<span class="c-title--primary">Nobility of the</span>ethnic elegance<span class="c-title--primary">Nobility of the</span>ethnic elegance
<span class="c-title--primary">Nobility of the</span>ethnic elegance
<span class="c-title--primary">Nobility of the</span>ethnic elegance
<span class="c-title--primary">An environment </span> beyond tomorrows<span class="c-title--primary">An environment </span> beyond tomorrows

An environment beyond tomorrows

By the improvement of innovations during the recent years, textile industry has a brought about revolutionary new materials and processes. Weavers contributes to the respect of the environment with the usage of new types of sustainable and biodegradable fabrics. In combination with the recycled and sustainable production methods, special upholstery fabric collection of the highest quality and a natural is an ecofriendly choice for your houses. We combine natural fibres with synthetic ones, thereby we create an organic upholstery fabric with high durability and long lifespan. You can choose between many colorful, ecologic fabric varieties for your indoor and outdoor decorations. For a sustainable world, you can visit to our recycled fabric collections.


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