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Innovative Fabrics

Triple action against bad odors in living spaces

Thanks to the catalyst feature of AirFresh, bad odors encountered in living spaces are prevented and the freshness of the environments is protected.

The aura of your home is changing!

Upholstery fabric technology innovation leader Weavers’ product development philosophy is simply to produce the best for the most comfortable, highest quality living. Research towards this end has shown that poor environment air quality is an important reason for deteriorating living quality. That’s why Weavers has made it a point to improve the air of your environment just as much as the upholstery fabric.

Air FreshAir Fresh
Air Fresh
Air Fresh
Air FreshAir Fresh

Change the air you breathe while you live with innovative AirFresh!

AirFresh’s specially formulated metal complex acts as a catalyst* to decompose odorous hazardous gases like formaldehyde**, ammonia***, acetic acid**** and nicotine and transforms them into respiratory waste. Unlike previous products developed to treat odors, AirFresh is a sure solution for refreshing the ambient air by actually diffusing unwanted odors rather than masking or confining them. This technology triggers continuous purification process for indoor air making it possible to maintain maximum healthy air quality all the time.

* Increases reaction speed. Reaction does not cause any structural deformations, and continues endlessly.

** A colorless and odorless gas. Constitutes a health risk if found to be over safe limit. A research carried out in Europe found that 8% of homes had formaldehyde amounts exceeding the safe limit as determined by World Health Organization (WHO).

*** A strongly odorous and colorless gas. Hazardous if breathed in high quantities.

**** Cigarette smoke contains over 4.000 chemicals. Acetic Acid is found in high quantities and is one of the most harmful substances found in cigarette smoke

Air Fresh
Air Fresh

Air-pollutants everywhere! Where is the solution?

It’s the most important element for living… Indoors or outdoors, making sure the air we breathe in about 23.000 times a day is clean and pure is important for healthy living. How can we be sure that the air we breathe is clean? No matter how dirty the air outdoors is, the air indoors is almost always at least two to five times dirtier than outdoors. In fact, sometimes it may be up to 100 times dirtier. On average, over 2.000 living and non-living substances such as cigarette smoke, virus, bacteria, mite and dust are found in indoor air.

Besides all these, house hold items like furniture, carpet, computers, air-conditioners, cosmetic-products and cleaning materials emit hazardous gases and odors into the air we breathe, threatening our health. The threat is even more eminent while we are the most helpless, during sitting. Weavers works non-stop to take sitting quality to ever higher levels with break-through innovation technologies, including “AirFresh” to counter threats to quality living.

How does AirFresh work?

AirFresh’s special formula metal complex has a 3 way catalyst effect that reacts directly with harmful gases in the ambient air, leaving them harmless. The 3 way catalyst effect speeds the reaction time as well as helping it carry on endlessly.

Air FreshAir Fresh
Air Fresh
Air Fresh


Rational Solution That Make Life Easier

Weavers' innovative products add a new perspective and value to upholstery fabric. Weavers' innovative products offer solutions that make life easier.

Cleans the air in its daily life.

A sure clean air solution that doesn’t mask or confine unwanted odors.

It dismisses smells and gases that negatively affect the quality of life.

Helps put an end to allergies, headaches, nausea and eye irritation resulting from exposure to harmful gases.

Lasting feature does not diminish over time, continues in endless cycle.

Waste free reaction maintains hygiene.

Wash–resistant and environmentally friendly product.

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All the colors of life at Weavers!

Check out our most up-to-date innovative product catalogs, and discover Weavers’ world of colorful and high quality fabrics.

All the colors of life at Weavers!


Products Adding Value To Life

Weavers adds value to your life with its innovative product features. Weavers takes living spaces beyond comfort with products that are environmentally friendly, respectful to people and nature, reliable and harmless to health.










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